100th Day #BringBackOurGirls Vigil - Wednesday, July 23, 5-6pm, Burrard Bridge (North end)

Wednesday 23rd July marks the 100th day since the schoolgirls of Chibok, Nigeria were abducted. #BringBackOurGirls is calling for a worldwide vigil to mark this day.

Bring Back Our Girls Vancouver, with the support of Amnesty International, is responding by inviting Vancouver to gather in vigil on Burrard Bridge, July 23rd, from 5-6pm.

We will stand to maintain pressure on the powers that can liberate the girls, to keep this crime in the public eye, to reassure the families in Nigeria their children are not forgotten, to hold these young women in our hearts.

We are mindful of subsequent abductions of women, boys, and infants and we include them under this banner.

Please join us. Wear red. Bring a handmade sign if you can.

Social Media details:
The "Bring Back Our Girls - Vancouver" Facebook page is here:

The "100th Day World Vigil" event invitation is here:

Co-Organizers: Nicola Aimé and Sandra Vander Schaaf.

Missing person in Fort St John - Please Cross-Post

Hi, I apologize that this is not exactly Vancityactivism related, but I live on the other side of the country and am looking for BC livejournals that will reach a lot of members.

My friend Abigail Andrews has been missing for a week. She is 28, pregnant, and was last seen leaving her apartment in Fort St John walking to a friend's house.

She is 6ft tall, and not the type of person you would imagine a mugger striking at random would go after. She is generally very communicative and no one has heard from her or seen her since April 7.

All the RCMP has said is that there may be foul play involved.

I realize that VAncouver is nowhere near Fort St John, but I am doing my best to reach out to anyone who may know anyone around there.

Somebody somewhere has to know something.

I am sorry to bother you on this page, but all of her family and friends are worried sick. Please take a minute to look at the news articles, join the facebook group and pass along the information to anyone you may know, espeically in Northern BC or the interior of Alberta. If you can recommend anywhere else to post or would like to cross post, PLEASE do.

Thank you.

Facebook page (PLEASE JOIN):!/group.php?gid=104181069623948&ref=mf

The RCMP of BC has a Twitter page:

Volunteering for Vancouver Pride!

 Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that It's not too late to sign up to volunteer for Vancouver Pride 2009; we are still accepting volunteers for a few events, including the Pride Parade and Festival, August 2nd. I wanted to make sure the word gets out to everyone in the community, so that no one misses the chance to be a part of this. 

Sign up sooner than later to get the shifts you want; last year we filled up fast and we anticipate the same to happen for this year. Just this week we implemented a new system where you sign up, get your very own login, and then from there you can sign up for the exact events, shifts, and positions you want... immediately! Absolutely no waiting to be scheduled. You can then view your shifts online any time, instead of waiting for an email. 

You can either go to and look for the volunteer page, or take this shortcut:

Just click on "I would like to volunteer for this organization" and take it from there!

Remember, ANYONE can volunteer. You don't have to be GLBTQ, etc, etc. I get that question a lot  =)


Aaron Webster Community Forums - last forum tomorrow night

Tomorrow is the last chance to talk openly with the Vancouver Police Dept about increasing safety in our communities. Come out and be heard!

   Aaron Webster Community Forums - Stop the Violence!


The Centre in partnership with the Vancouver Police Department  invites you to a series of forums on violence against & within LGBT communities

 Learn about police responses to hate crimes & relationship violence

 Tell us about what is going on & what we can do together to stop the violence & increase safety


East Van Public Forum: Tuesday, December 2, 7-9:30pm

North Community Health Centre, 200 - 1651 Commercial Dr


Information: call The Centre 604 684-5307



 Supporters: Little Sisters Bookstore, Safe Choices, West Enders Against Violence

We gratefully acknowledge funding from Safe Streets & Safe Schools,

Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General

 media sponsor:  Xtra West

Aaron Webster Community Forums - first forum Nov 17th

please circulate to your networks....
  Aaron Webster Community Forums - Stop the Violence! 
The Centre in partnership with the Vancouver Police Department
invites you to a series of forums on violence against & within LGBT communities
Learn about police responses to hate crimes & relationship violence
Tell us about what is going on & what we can do together
to stop the violence & increse safety
Public Forums - all welcome
West End Public Forum: Monday, November 17, 7-9:30pm
Gordon Neighbourhood House, 1019 broughton Street
East Van Public Forum: Tuesday, December 2, 7-9:30pm
North Community Health Centre, 200 - 1651 Commercial Dr
Community Forums
Youth Community Forum: Friday, November 21, 7:30 - 10:00
Coal Harbour Community Centre, 480 Broughton St
TwoSpirit/Queers of Colour Community Forum: Monday, November 24, 7-9:30pm
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, 800 East Broadway
Trans Community Forum, Tuesday November 25, 7-9:30pm
North Community Health Centre, 200 - 1651 Commercial Dr
Information: call The Centre 604 684-5307
Supporters: Little Sisters Bookstore, Safe Choices, West Enders Against Violence
We gratefully acknowledge funding from Safe Streets & Safe Schools,
Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General
media sponsor: 


Board Meeting ‘final’ Vote - Wednesday October 29th - 7pm LRC room

: please forward WIDELY::

Olympics at Britannia - It's time for the Board to vote no!

 Board Meeting ‘final’ Vote - Wednesday October 29th - 7pm LRC room
at Britannia (under the library)
The Britannia Community Centre Board is set for a ‘final’vote on October 29th on whether to bow to VANOC pressure and let our public facility and our community be taken over by the 2010 Olympics. VANOC is pressuring Britannia Community Centre to become an Olympic hockey practice venue. You are needed to ensure that the board sees and hears the strong opposition to the Olympics in our community. Come be a witness and ensure the board knows that it’s time to VOTE NO! Take action to stop the Olympics at Britannia: 1. Please read, sign and share the petition: The community says NO to Olympics at Britannia!You can view this petition at: 2. Email Britannia Community Centre Board and voice your concern: 3. Attend the board meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 29th (7 pm) underneath the Britannnia library 4. If you can help poster or leaflet or would like to participate in some street theatre please contact us at 6. Visit our website for more information: BACKGROUNDER: Britannia as an Olympics Venue? Many concerns have been voiced by community members about plans uncovered to use Britannia as an Olympic venue including:
Community Values
The Britannia Board represents our community and demographically, this community voted against the Olympics coming to Vancouver in the 2003 referendum. Most recently, the highly effective Olympic Spirit Train protests across Canada reinforces that not only are the Olympics opposed in this community but there is an ever growing opposition and resistance to 2010 across the country. Our concerns include: - That “security parameters” will cut off or severely restrict access for our seniors, students and children - Increases in traffic and rents, due to proximity of an Olympic venue, and general increased gentrification - That rink upgrades would be carried out at the expense of more pressing upgrades at Britannia - That needed upgrades shouldn't be tied to the Olympics deal which uses public money anyway - That VANOC should not dictate shich part of our community centre is upgraded - Britannia and its strong community-based history should be a leader in demanding that community centres need better funding and upgrades ingeneral - The Olympic machine (which includes corporate sponsors like MacDonald's) targets youth and children with mascots, advertising andschool curriculum - The Olympic games are taking place on unceded native territory (no Olympics on stolen native land)
More than 12,500 police, military, CSIS and private security will be used for the 2010 Olympics (Globe and Mail). All Olympic venues will have closed circuit cameras installed and in Australia and Atlanta they were not removed after the Games (CBC Radio). The most recent estimates for the costs are up to 1 billion dollars. We are concerned about: - increased police/military/security presence - a “security perimeter” around the community centre - the use of checkpoints, special ID passes and heavy surveillance including closed-circuit cameras/and satellite surveillance (Industry Canada) - that “security” would be set up at Britannia long before the actual Olympics and remain long after - the impact on homeless people including “sweeps” by police and harassment - increased racial profiling, especially of indigenous youth - heavy weaponry (guns, tasers, tear gas, pepper spray, helicopters) near our schools, libraries and daycares - the constant threat of police violence and repression of opposition and dissent Service Disruptions The success of Britannia has always been in the variety and diversity of services it offers to the varied and diverse community it serves. We are concerned that this will be overridden if the centre is used for the Olympics including: - lack of access to the rink and other services such as the seniors centre, the pool, the library, teen centre, etc - possible room rental disruption at the centre - disruption to surrounding services and their clients, including Kettle Friendship Society and Reach Clinic - the effects on bus routes/services, traffic, pedestrians - the displacement of kids and adults in the hockey and skating programs
Public Debt
Every Olympic games has resulted in a long term public debt. The most recent announcement by VANOC for the 2010 games is that they are running at a 48 million dollar debt that will result in the public covering these cost overruns. Accountability and Transparency Although private talks have reportedly been held for close to a year between Britannia and VANOC, the community has not been consulted about Britannia being used as an Olympic practice venue. The details of these talks have not been made public. We are concerned that: - The use of the Britannia Community Centre was not included in the Olympic Bid Book - VANOC has repeatedly been described in local media as “undemocratic” - VANOC is not subject to freedom of information legislation - VANOC holds meetings that are closed to the public and of which no official minutes are kept (Olympic Oversight Interim Report Card - The new Britannia Board will need to step forward as a community champion for access to information before a decision is made about a project which will impact heavily on the community which depends on its community centre. We believe that the impacts and concerns we have listed make it imperative that the new Britannia Board reject this “deal” and that candidates for the board should state their position on the issue at the AGM before the vote. Beware! The case of Trout Lake The Trout Lake Ice Rink Replacement project shows how VANOC “funding” can disrupt services and leave Vancouverites with a huge bill. The Trout Lake Ice Rink was slated for replacement and in 2004 VANOC offered $2.5 million (half of the estimated amount) towards the replacement in exchange for its use as a practice venue before and during the 2010 games. Since entering into this agreement the cost of the project has more than tripled to $15.9 million. Meanwhile, VANOC refuses to provide any additional funding, despite the inflationary market the Olympics have helped create leaving Trout Lake holding the bag for $13.4 million (so far). VANOC has refused to provide any information on its security plans and the Centre has since learned that it risks being surrounded by a "security perimeter" along with the rink and parking lot. This may result in the unplanned cancellation of all Centre programming in the Fall of 2009 and Winter 2010.


Hi Everyone,

This is to let all those who are helping out to save the Heatley block from demolition that local architect James Burton has been asked by the city of Vancouver and the VPL to do a Statement Of Significance (SOS) of the historical value of the Heatley Block. He has suggested that people's personal stories or recollections or even those of their parents, grandparents or friends involving the Heatley Block or the businesses in it, would demonstrate the strong connection and importance that the building has to the neighborhood and the people who live here.

If you do have a recollection, story or fond memory about the Heatley Block, please send it to me within the next few days and I will forward it to James Burton.

Thanks for all your support!

Claudine Michaud
Heatley Block Preservation Society

Upping the Anti: Launch of Issue 7- Oct 23 @ Rhizome

Upping the Anti- Launch for Issue 7
Thursday, October 23, 2008
Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

$5-10 sliding scale fee includes copy of the journal, no one will be turned away.

> Come and hear from Adriana Paz of Justicia for Migrant Workers, and Tammie Tupechka from the NO Olympics at Britannia group
> Entertainment provided by DJ Su Comandante
> Raffle prizes at the launch include all 7 issues of UTA, a music prize pack and Spartacus books gifts certificate.


Upping the Anti is a radical journal of theory and action which provides a space to address and discuss unresolved questions and dynamics within the anti-capitalist, anti-oppression, and anti-imperialist politics of today's radical left in Canada.


UPPING THE ANTI number seven includes interviews with: Clayton Thomas-Müller on the Struggle for Environmental Justice, Kara Gillies on Sex Work and the State, and Chris Harris on the Black
Action Defense Committee

It also includes articles by: Nava EtShalom & Matthew N. Lyons on The Story of Labour Zionism, Tom Keefer on Direct Action at Six Nations, and Kole Kilibarda on the BDS Campaign Against
Israeli Apartheid.

You will also find movement roundtables on: Labour Solidarity For Palestine with Dave Bleakney (CUPW), Iliam Burbano (CUPE), Jenny Peto (United Steelworkers), and Andy Griggs (United Teachers of Los Angeles) as well as on Migrant Labour Organizing with Evelyn Calugay, Tess Tesalona, Adriana Paz, Aylwin Lo, and Chris Ramsaroop
and more...
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Spartacus Books - Grand Opening is TODAY!!!!

Click the image to see the full size poster.

We've also added a couple more perks to our opening day:

- Any child who visits the store between noon and 5pm will receive a free children's book from our kids book bin!

- Rowan Lipkovitz will be joined by his band, the Creaking Planks, for some off-the-wall musical entertainment!

- Joey Only will also be performing!
livejournal bone marrow drives

Vancouver and Toronto Bone Marrow Drives Targeting Asian Registrants

Carolyn Tam and other Chinese patients require new Chinese registrants to add their numbers to the worldwide registry. There are not enough Asian and Pacific Islander registrants.

Carolyn lives in Toronto, Canada, and she is the same position as many - no matches in the registry. Yet. It's up to people to decide that they are going to register or at least continue to spread the word about her.

Bone marrow drives are not run neither the OneMatch Registry nor the Hema-Quebec Stem Cell Registry in Canada. A special arrangement has been made with the Elizabeth Lue Bone Marrow Foundation for the Gift of Life registry, based in the US, to run bone marrow drives north of the border for Carolyn, which will benefit all present and future patients.

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Personally, I would love to run more entries that I could label "bone marrow drives" and "Canada" simultaneously. Supporting this drive, regardless of background can send a clear message to Canadian registries that bone marrow drives need to be rethought and reinstated.